Corporate Audio Visual Production House

The core of any successful event is to ensure your event has the latest and greatest technology in an ever-evolving Audio Visual Industry.

CAV along with Avant-Garde its technical division has aligned with leading industry suppliers and ensures that the correct equipment and technically proficient staff is scheduled for your events. There is a difference between Rock and Roll, Corporate Launches and Conferences and our expertise ensures your event is correctly geared each time.

The nature of having unique multifaceted events each time is where Rubiks Cube compliments CAV's production offering.

Focussed on Decor, Catering, Staffing and the many other event-related onsite coordination free's up your time to focus the on the bigger picture and be there for your client. changes can sometimes place a well planned and produced event in complete disarray.


Havoc was specifically created to fulfill the need to have your back as an exclusive 24/7 service that is always on call.  From DJs and Bands to reprints and refills


Havoc takes on the strain and backs up CAV on all events as a dependent and on-demand service provider.


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